About Us

In Goodness Bake Shop we offer our customers solutions for enclosures (window well, doors and windows) and various architectural elements, using glass, aluminum, and PVC for their manufacture. We sell our products and services directly to end customers, retail companies or construction companies and our inside presence are concentrated in the housing area, covering all socioeconomic segments in social housing, as well as in private homes and buildings. We stand out for being a company that focuses on the manufacture of enclosures from an industrial point of view, being the most significant production capacity nationwide.


Offer our clients a wide variety of solutions in enclosures, using in their design and manufacture the most modern technologies, ensuring competitive and quality products. A priority is a concern for the personnel working in the company, our customers, respect for the environment and strict compliance with established standards. Excellence in management, sustainability and innovation are pillars of a profitable and continuously growing operation.


To be leaders in the design and manufacture of enclosures, with excellence and innovation.


Our staff is responsible for the success of the company, the character and own stamp is printed. Therefore, we try to make him feel respected as a person and worker, in an environment of trust and with active participation in the progress of the company.